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Csound is a library of functions for generating and processing sound.  It is the current incarnation of a long line of music synthesis software that began with the dawn of digital sound production in the late 1950’s.  Today it enjoys an active and dedicated user and developer community.

Csound6NetLib is a class library dll of C# object wrappers and pInvoke signatures that bridge Dot Net managed code to the unmanaged Csound functions exposed by its “c API.  It is provided in the same spirit as other bridges to csound for languages like C++, java, LUA and Python.  When added to Csound 6’s “bin” directory, Csound host applications can be developed using Dot Net languages from within Visual Studio 2012.

Csound 6 went into general release on of July 10, 2013.  Csound6NetLib is tracking the new csound 6 API only since the API has advanced quite a bit with this release.  Release 6.01 was released on October 20, 2013; Csound6NetLib now tests against that version.  6.01 fixes many bugs which had been present in the initial 6.00 release. 

No support for earlier versions of Csound is planned from this project, although this project’s open source code could be adapted to that purpose.

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